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What does Huerta Clothing represent?

Huerta Clothing is a brand that has been created to celebrate the passion for the little extravagance and rarity available in an otherwise over-globalised market where the definitions of uniqueness and exclusivity have virtually disappeared. In the words of our founder, this product is “for the group of people who can appreciate a good that is crafted not manufactured, a good that has taken time to design and produce, and a good that provides pleasure thanks to its aesthetic qualities.”

Let's live 2019 from Huerta Clothing on Vimeo.

Our Sunglasses

It is an accessory brand created for both kings and queens seeking to bring us together and pursuing to emphasize the importance of a sense of equilibrium in our life. The craftsmen of our sunglasses have used Italian materials and have taken them through several stages prototyping and testing with the purpose of achieving the highest level of quality and luxury for the lowest possible selling price.

Limited to 250 pieces each, Huerta Clothing sunglasses have been created not only to provide a luxury product, but as a means through which you can enjoy, be reminded, and look back upon your most cherished moments along with those you love.



Upcoming Collections

We are in the process of developing new and innovative collections in order to create a more well-rounded brand. Stay tuned for our new accessories line dropping in early 2019!